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At the age of 14 he performs in his concert at the Maverick's flat in Los Angeles. For three years with the group David eaten bread, he is a guest performer with such bands as Earth, Wind and Fire, Whispers, Temptations, Lake Side Express, Commodores, Kool and the Gang.

In 1973, he is in Europe where he performs with major jazz bands in Paris, Berlin Warsaw in Holland and Africa. He then returns to California to start his own band which plays all around the United States.

Clint Jackson is now back in his adopted country, France, sharing his time between of Provence he loves and Paris.

The complete musician, Clint Jackson, in his own style plays all kind of music : Reggae, Blues, Soul, Gospel, Jazz etc and his own compositions.
He has just completed his latest album "bouge tes fesses" with Michel Grasser soon to be released.

First involvement with music
1958 Elementary Band and Choir
Why did you start?
Father was a musician
First type of instrument
Trumpet, tuba
Musical training
Elementry - junior high - high school - college
Early influences
Otis Reddings - John Coltrane - Hendrix - RIB SOS - 60's
First public performance
Junior high 63
First appearance on record
1974 Paris
Recording bands
Kahn Jamel - Le Gents ' Mother Africa Group
Instrument played
Keyboards - vocals - flute - trumpet - bass
Number of instruments owned 4
Other musicians you admire
Miles Davis - Sam Cooke - Marving Gaye - O'Jays

At the age of 8 for Christmas he gets a toy drum set starting his love for percussion. He often plays with bands such as "Uranium" "Mach III" or "Spécial Dernière". Later on, he explores other style with musicians he meets along the way.

He has been also influenced by jazz notably in his improvisation style. Improvisation and on the spot elaboration remain some of Michel's leitmotivs in his own compositions.

For years now he has been developing his own home-studio and sound techniques. Today, Michel Grasser has started a new band named MGXXL. This band invites other musicians who add their own touch (to their melodies tunes). This creating original tunes with strong melodic lines and rhythm appealing to their listeners.

First involvement with music
At twelve years old I stud it the theory of the Drums
Why did you start?
Because I like it, I enjoyed play music
First type of instrument
Musical training
theory of the Drums
Early influences
Rock, Pop Music
First public performance
At the school party
First appearance on record
2 Souls end of the year
Recording bands
MGXXL, 2 Souls, Spécial Dernière
Equipment Digital Studio Pro Tools HD


2SOULS - Anna


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Bouge tes fesses
Bouge tes fesses - 6 titres
first release

Année de parution: 2004
Producteur: MGXXL records


miles davis
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